Barakamon EP04 “New character appears! Trouble keeps coming! Seishuu unexpectedly returns to Tokyo”

One morning, Seishuu Handa woke up to find Miwa Yamamura and Tamako Arai lying on either side of him for some reason. And at his feet was Naru Kotoishi… Seishuu jumped up in surprise and asked them why they could enter the house even though it was locked. Miwa then pulled out a duplicate key without a trace of guilt. In fact, Miwa had made five duplicate keys without permission and shared them with everyone, including Hiroshi Kido. She also said that she had dropped one of them somewhere and lost it. Seishuu is stunned. Miwa and Tamako, unconcerned about Seishuu, ask him to teach them calligraphy because they have to do it for their summer homework. Seishuu declares, “Since I’m teaching, I’ll make sure you win a prize!” Then Seishuu received a phone call from his manager, Takao Kawafuji. Miwa and her friends, who were eavesdropping, heard Seishuu say, “I’ll head home then, to Tokyo.” Seishuu, who was in a slump because he could not write a piece for a calligraphy exhibition, was asked by Miwa’s father Iwao, whom he met at a harbor, to write the name of a ship on the hull of a second-hand boat he bought for fun. The boat’s registered name is “Yuigadokuson-maru.” Seishuu is under pressure not to make a mistake under completely different conditions than usual, with a paintbrush instead of a brush, paint instead of ink, and a hull instead of paper…

SYNC TO Hikari Raiders/DramaClub (FOD)

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