Barakamon EP06 “A new chapter begins! Deliver! Thoughts of gratitude! Tearful Procession”

After returning to Tokyo, Seishuu Handa completes the calligraphy “Stone Wall,” which is filled with the names of people he met on the island, including Naru Kotoishi, Hiroshi Kido, Miwa Yamamura, Tamako Arai, and others. When Seishuu says he will return to the island as he promised Naru and the others, his mother Emi objects, saying she will not allow him to go to the island. Emi asks Takao Kawafuji and Kosuke Kanzaki to persuade Seishuu as well. Seimei chides at Emi… At the same time, Miwa and Tamako’s junior high school announces the results of their summer calligraphy assignment. Tamako won the gold prize and Miwa the silver. While everyone was relaxing at Seishuu’s house, Miwa was depressed and said, “There’s a big difference between first and second place. She was just like Seishuu when he lost to Kosuke. Then Naru noticed a big envelope. It was the calligraphy that Miwa and Tamako had written so far. At dusk, Seishuu and others discuss the matter with Emi again. Emi mentions that Seishuu was hospitalized on the island and insists on stopping him, even if it means house arrest. Then Seimei, who has been quietly listening to the conversation, reveals that he himself has lived on the island. Meanwhile, Naru and the others start cleaning up the house that was left untidy in Seishuu’s absence to welcome him home. Everyone wrote “to toss” and “not to toss” on cardboard boxes and started sorting them. That’s when they found a spool car. It was something Miwa had learned to make from Granny Yasu, who is said to be an “expert in handmade toys”.

SYNC TO Hikari Raiders/DramaClub (FOD)

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