Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara EP02 “Macarons Are the Taste of Love and Dreams”

The first sense to be taken away is taste. Kusaka tells Ame that she will lose her sense of taste in about 14 days and advises her not to mention the miracle or the guides. He says she can only tell the truth to Taiyo. Chiaki, the other guide, advises Ame to be honest with him since losing her five senses is not as easy as getting over it alone. But Ame refuses, saying that Taiyo will blame himself if she tells the truth. After visiting Taiyo, Ame receives a macaron that his sister Haruhi brought for him. Macarons are a taste of memories that Taiyo gave her in high school, along with a certain “sweets word”.

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