Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara EP06 “The Feel of a Voice”

Ame Aihara began dating Taiyo Asano. Taiyo became worried about Ame because her grandmother, Yukino, was hospitalized fighting cancer, and he started living with her at Yukino’s house. However, Ame was still having trouble adjusting to life with Taiyo. Taiyo asks Ame if he can call her “Ame” from now on. Ame, who is not fond of her name, replies that she needs to think about it for a while. While cleaning Yukino’s room, Ame finds an old voice recorder. Yukino and Ame once used that voice recorder to record each other’s messages and kept an exchange diary of their voices. Yukino’s kind and warm voice was her most precious treasure to Ame, who was in elementary school then.

At that time, the hospital where Yukino is hospitalized informs her that her condition has suddenly changed. Ame rushes to the hospital. Yukino then asks Ame to take her home. Ame is distressed when the hospital tells her that they cannot be held responsible if something happens to her, but Taiyo encourages her by saying, “Don’t worry, I’m here with you,” and they leave for home. Yukino asks Ame for one favor. It was to take Ame’s mother, Kasumi, with her on their first and last family trip.

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