Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara EP09 “For the View I’ll See Someday”

Ame Aihara accepted Taiyo Asano’s proposal and they had their wedding ceremony. However, Ame did not submit the marriage registration that they had prepared together. Determined to disappear from Taiyo’s life after one more month, Ame hoped to be Taiyo’s wife only during that time. Taiyo was given a picture of his mother, Asuka, by his sister, Haruhi. The father, Yohei, had asked Asuka’s parents to send them over for Haruhi, who did not know her mother’s face. Taiyo was surprised to see it. The person in the picture was Chiaki. Meanwhile, Tsukasa Mochida went to see Haruhi and told her that Ame had not registered their marriage. Haruhi replies that she knows because Ame told her, and goes on to say that it is all her fault. Tsukasa tells the remorseful Haruhi that Ame will lose her sight around the time of the Cherry Blossom Festival, and then her hearing, and advises her that if she has something to tell Ame, she should do it while she can still communicate with herโ€ฆ

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