Blue Moment EP03 “Huge Fire Spreads With Strong Winds! The Determination of a Genius Doctor With a Broken Heart”

Version 1.0.0

SDM welcomes Yugo Sonobe as the new Fire Department Supervisor. While training the candidates to establish the dedicated medical unit, Haruhara continues to unleash insults.ย Amongย them was Sagiri Shiomi, a once genius neurosurgeon now said to be too injured to hold a scalpel. Sagiri boasted that she could handle all kinds of cases in the initial treatment,ย soย Haruhara retorted that it was a “nuisance” to her half-hearted attitude aimed at returning to work. A fire breaks out in an area under a high wind warning. Haruhara dispatches the SDM, but the medical unit, with Koichiro Shiga, the medical unit supervisor, is bewildered at the dispatch on the first day of training.ย When they went to the site, the fire was still raging,ย andย many neededย rescue.ย To contain the fire, SDM also has to coordinate with the local fire department. In the medical team, Shiga finds fault and orders Sagiri to do some menial tasks. Sagiri, however, has an unforgettable memory from her past that led to her injury.


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