Blue Moment EP04 “The Threat of a Tornado! Sisters Put to the Testโ€ฆ Overcome The Past!”

Version 1.0.0

SDM heads to a place where a typhoon hit six months ago to educate children about disaster preparedness. Among the children is Mika, a 10-year-old girl who experienced the loss of her grandfather in that same typhoon six months earlier, and her childhood friend Kohei, who cares for her. And that is Aya’s hometown, where Aya’s sister, Maki, works in the Citizen’s Affairs Division at the City Hall. Maki and Aya had been affected by a dust devil that hit three years earlier, and Maki has been in a wheelchair ever since. Aya has an awkward relationship with her sister because she is the only one unharmed. Haruhara’s analysis reveals that the area is in danger of being hit by a typhoon. They requested that an evacuation order be issued immediately. With the cooperation of local TV stations, SDM will provide a warning evacuation order live on the air. Aya, who has experienced the disaster firsthand, believes she is the best person to warn the public about the crisis. So, Aya volunteers to appear on live TV to confront the past that she wants to forgetโ€ฆย 


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