Unicorn ni Notte EP5 “Business Contest with company’s future at stake!”

Sana and her team entered a business contest to raise funds for developing the “Study Pony Campus”. After successfully passing the screening process, they were energized to win the contest. Meanwhile, Sana decided to give Kotori a new pair of shoes after he broke them. However, when Kotori doesn’t seem to put them on, she feels sad… In addition, she is unintentionally upset when she discovers that Kotori’s date the other night was Sachi. Sana is puzzled as to why she is so bothered about Kotori. Suzaki, on the other hand, was also looking at Sana with mixed feelings… In the middle of all this, BusiCon is steadily approaching. But Dream Pony faced a significant challenge right before the final round! With strong opponents standing in their way, will Sana and her team be able to win the contest?

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SYNC TO Hikari Raiders

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