Banpaku no Taiyo (SP)

TV Asahi 65th Anniversary Celebration! Introducing a grand-scale drama packed with dreams, hope, and family bonds against the backdrop of the legendary “Osaka Expo”!

In 1970, Asia witnessed the groundbreaking Japan World Exposition (Osaka Expo โ€™70) โ€“ the first of its kind. With the theme of “human progress and harmony,” a whopping 76 countries (plus 4 international organizations, 1 government agency, 6 states, 3 cities, and 2 companies) participated, drawing in approximately 64.22 million visitors, a staggering 60% of the population at that time! This event sparked unparalleled excitement, solidifying its place as a national symbol of Japanโ€™s era of rapid economic growth.

Now, this enduring legend is brought to life in a captivating drama. Itโ€™s a heartwarming tale that follows a young heroineโ€™s dream of working at the Expo, fueled by her desire to “connect with people from all over the world,” intertwined with the touching narrative of her family. Get ready to be moved by this special production commemorating TV Asahiโ€™s 65 years of broadcasting excellence.
(Synopsis courtesy of Drama-Otaku)

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