Hitomonchaku nara Yorokonde! EP1 Angel Girl & Extremely Sadistic Boss Saves a Black Company

Mamoru Hitomi, who works for the HR consulting firm “Off-White,” is the “too angelic consultant” used as a mere poster girl at the company, despite her ideal of scooping up the efforts of people who work hard. One day, Hitomi, who had almost lost sight of her reason for working, wondered what exactly it was that she wanted to do. To relieve her sorrow, she goes out for a drink without anyone noticing. There, Hitomi is approached by a handsome man. He exclaimed that Hitomi looked like an angel! Hitomi, who had allowed herself to be seduced by him, ended up drinking too much… and found herself in bed in a strange place the next morning. Beside her is the handsome man from last night. The man does not hesitate to take pictures of them in bed on his phone. “If we get along, I won’t spread it.” The name of this man who was approaching Hitomi is Shiori Sakyo. He asks Hitomi to become the consultant for his company…

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SYNC TO Hikari Raiders / DramaClub / DramaHD

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