Alibi Kuzushi Uketamawarimasu (SP)

When Tokino Mitani, the young owner of the Mitani Watch Shop, visits the First Investigation Division of the Nano Prefectural Police Department, superintendent Yoshiyuki Saji and others make a big deal that the popular TV program “24 Hours Close-Up with Prefectural Police” is going to closely follow the division! Saji planned to solve the case spectacularly during this coverage and return to the National Police Agency in Tokyo. The program producer, Kaoruko Kimijima, is also paying attention to Saji, who is known as an “alibi breaker master,” but little does she know that Saji has been using Tokino’s “Alibi Breaking Service”… Meanwhile, Yuuma Tokai, the police sergeant, pretends to be indifferent, but as soon as he learns that Tokino, whom he secretly has feelings for, is a fan of the program, he begins to push hard to have himself featured in the close-up at all costs.

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