Koi to Dangan EP1 “Cherry Blossom and Lily”

ONLY EP1 is subbed
Reason: Officially picked up by a streaming service.

Yuri, a determined college student, is looking for a boyfriend who will love her as she is. One day, at a party attended by her friends Mai and Erina, she gets tangled up with a suspicious group and is almost drugged by them, but is saved by Toshiomi Oya, the underboss of the Oya Syndicate, just in the nick of time. Toshiomi Oya then handed her a yakuza business card with the name “Oya Syndicate” written on it, which he said would surely serve as a shield for her in the future.

Yuri visits the syndicate to thank him, although she hesitates, saying, “I won’t be deeply involved, I just want to thank himโ€ฆ” But what awaited Yuri wasโ€ฆ unexpectedly, the kind and smiling Toshiomi!

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