Kimi ga Suki.mp4 [Complete]


“Kubrick Dining” is an unusual restaurant where an independent film is shot between business hours. The manager directs the film for a film festival, and the regulars, including Souta, cooperate with him. Natsuki does not participate in the filming but is in charge of preparation… How will the rocky love story on the set of a movie shoot turn out…?


A regular, Chako, didn’t leave the restaurant even though lunch hours were over. She was in shock over the loss of someone she cared about, and she was worried about the world… Having no choice but to give up filming, the manager and Souta decide to do a read-through. However, Chako suddenly intervened and gave the manager a painful criticism of the script he had written…?


One day, the team reads a script written by Chako and is very impressed! The frustrated manager had a visitor… The man’s name is Toshiyuki Kubota. A renowned film director who has won awards at overseas film festivals, he is a comrade-in-arms who chased the same dream as the manager. The manager, who feels inferior because of his friend’s success, ends up treating him coldly…


In order to get the manager to approve the script, they all begin filming under Chako’s direction. Souta and Miyabi are hugging in front of the camera. Even though it was only acting, it was a sight Natsuki did not want to see. Natsuki looks away, but Ken, the cameraman, is watching her closely…


Miyabi invites Souta and they read through together. The manager sees how close the two are to each other and mistakenly believes they are using the movie for romantic interest. And the manager and Souta got into an argument… Meanwhile, Ken asks Natsuki about her feelings for Souta, and Natsuki does her best to deny it…


After lunch hours. As they anxiously wait for Souta, a customer arrives. The customer is a pesky complainer who makes unreasonable and unfounded claims. The manager, who is in no position to do anything but apologize, succeeds in getting rid of the complainer with one word from someone…?


With the manager at the helm, the filming proceeds smoothly. Then a recent complainer uploaded a video making the store look bad, and it went viral… The filming of the movie will be completed soon, but the manager decides to disband the filming crew to protect “Kubrick Dining”…?


The manager has cut off his unfulfilled dream of a movie. Chako, however, continues to write scripts for the manager, and Souta, too, has grown to enjoy making movies, practicing by himself…. Witnessing everyone’s continued enthusiasm, Natsuki takes an unexpected action…?

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