Unicorn ni Notte EP6 “The no love rule collapses!”

After winning the business contest, in the heat of the moment, Suzaki confesses to Sana “I like you”. In contrast to Dream Pony, gaining momentum after receiving a 300 million yen loan from Sachi, a rift develops between Sana and Suzaki. In addition, Takuya Nagase, CEO of “Game Academia,” approaches Suzaki with a job offer…!? Meanwhile, Sana faces more trouble! Her mother, Mikako, has been fired from her job… Sana wants to help somehow her mother, who raised her by herself, and Mikako is determined not to accept support from her daughter out of pride as a mother. Their feelings clash and Sana’s relationship with her mother turns sour. For Sana’s sake, Kotori decides to carry out a plan…!

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SYNC TO Hikari Raiders

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