GOSSIP #kanojo ga shiritai honto no 〇〇 EP6 “Ririko Seko’s secret…”

“Ririko Seko’s secret… The facts and hidden feelings finally revealed”

Sasame called Ririko over, showed a red sneaker, and said, “I am the younger brother of Haruka Kishibe, who died sixteen years ago.” Haruka was a delinquent girl who attended the same junior high school as Ririko and drowned 16 years ago. Sasame continued to talk to Ririko about something he wanted to ask her, but Nezu, worried about Ririko, had just arrived on the scene, and Sasame left quickly. Makoto thinks that Sasame’s purpose in approaching Ririko may be revenge…

At that time, Takeshi Nagumo, an internationally famous manga artist, was selected as the chairman of the judging panel for the competition category of the 1st Tokyo International MANGA Festival, a major event attracting worldwide attention, to determine the most outstanding manga works from around the world. However, word spread that Nagumo had mentioned in a past interview that when he was in junior high school, he and a friend repeatedly shoplifted at a local bookstore and caused it to close down, leading to the intense bashing of Nagumo, saying that it was impossible for a criminal to be the chairman of the judging panel. Ririko and Nezu visit Nagumo’s home together, saying that they will meet the person in question before publishing the article, and then…

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