Boyfriend Kourin! EP1 “Defenseless man Asahi, coming!”

A man was dining at a high-class restaurant when he suddenly left, leaving Emma Tsukui, the woman he was with, to wonder what he was thinking. When the man leaves the restaurant, he finds a group of suits waiting for him, and one of them, Nakagoshi, offers the man a gift as if to deceive him, but the man passes it up and leaves… Kashiko Chatani, who worked for a small advertising agency and was busy with the daily grind of simple tasks, was helping her client’s president, Sayoko Asakura, install signboards. Kashiko then bumps into a man passing by and breaks the sign. When she complained, the man gave her money and accused her of illegally installing the sign…! Kashiko, cornered, does as she is told and offers her business card, and the man leaves.

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SYNC TO MagicStar/Hikari Raiders

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