Unicorn ni Notte EP7 “Betrayal by a friend… to a refreshment retreat.”

The development of “Study Pony Campus” was progressing well. However, it was discovered that Game Academia, led by Nagase, had intercepted Dream Pony’s application for a patent on the technology! Sana and the others are upset, wondering why the technology was leaked, and they notice that Kaito has been acting suspicious lately. Suzaki then asks Kaito about it, but Kaito remains silent and runs out of the companyโ€ฆ Sana and the others are depressed over the betrayal of a friend. Sachi, who couldn’t bear to see them in such a state, arranged for Sana and her friends to go to a refreshment retreat! While each of them is having a good time, Sana, who happens to be alone with Kotori, realizes that she feels calmer when she is with himโ€ฆ

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SYNC TO Hikari Raiders

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