Unicorn ni Notte EP10 (END) “What will happen to adult youth…!?!”

Dream Pony, which joined with CyberMobile through a merger and acquisition, has made a new start. Sana was moving toward her long-sought global expansion and was living a fulfilling life. However, she suddenly remembers Suzaki’s departure from the company. Now that they were no longer “business partners,” Sana could not contact Suzaki. As if to cover up the hole in her heart, Sana devotes herself to her work, but overworking causes her to fall ill… Kotori gently comforts Sana. Kotori, who has been concerned about Sana’s strange behavior for some time, gives her some advice. Meanwhile, Suzaki, who has begun to pursue his dream at his new workplace, was also suddenly reminded of Sana in his daily life. Pent-up feelings that should have been covered up resurface and become stronger than ever. Sana, Suzaki, and Kotori… are perplexed, and have moved forward, but what hope do they find in the end…!? What will happen to adult youth?

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