Unicorn ni Notte EP9 “Acquisition divides friends!? CEO’s biggest decision”

Sana’s joy at the launch of her long-awaited “Study Pony Campus” is short-lived when Sachi offers to acquire Dream Pony, but she cannot hide her confusion. Sana, who cannot imagine giving up her precious company, confirms that Ko and Kuriki feel the same way, and decides to refuse the acquisition offer. However, she was caught off guard by Sachi’s words, “Do you have a vision of what the future holds?”.

Meanwhile, Ko learns that his father Seiichi’s company has suffered a customer information leaking issue, and hoping to help his father, he proposes the introduction of a cutting-edge security system developed by a startup company. However, his father rejected it outright, and he felt frustrated by the outdated attitude of big companies.

Sana and Ko are each getting more and more bothered. However, with Kotori’s advice, the two find common ground in their mutual concerns. And determined to pave the way to a solution! And their decision will greatly affect Dream Pony and each of their fates…

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