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Vote: Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi!

Haneda Ayaka is a new wedding planner, who has just started working at the wedding hall “La Blanche.” She has been popular for a long time due to her unrivaled beauty but is also fed up with men who only pay attention to her because of her appearance, so she tends to shy away from dating. In addition to this, she is often misunderstood and envied by those around her. Her family runs a small shop, and she has four siblings. Born as the eldest in a large family, the responsibility falls on her to provide money for her own schooling. Although she is struggling financially, her family supports her and they are very important to her.

Nitta Tougou is the successor to a large company and the president of “La Blanche,” where Ayaka works. A “one-man” type with absolute authority, he is called “King” behind his back by his employees. Although he has no problems when it comes to women, he has also never experienced true love.

“I want you to marry me!” A calculated proposal from Tougou leads to a marriage of convenience between the two….

Vote: Nagatan to Aoto: Ichika no Ryourijou

Set in post-war Kyoto around the 1950s, “Nagatan to Aoto” depicts the life of Kuwanoki Ichika (Kadowakii Mugi), the daughter of a long-established ryōtei restaurant, who was left with only a kitchen knife as a keepsake after her husband did not return from war.

Wanting to be independent, she decides to work in the kitchen of a hotel that focused on Western cuisine. Now at 34 years old, Ichika remarries a young man fifteen years younger than her and takes on the challenge to rebuild her family’s restaurant together with her new husband.

This is a gourmet love story that focuses on a couple with an age difference as they develop a bond while working towards saving the Kuwanoki family’s long-established ryōtei restaurant. 

Vote: Pending Train: 8:23, Ashita Kimi to

Yamada Yuki stars as Kayashima Naoya, a charismatic hairdresser who finds himself struggling to survive in extreme conditions when the train he is on winds up in a devastated future world where there is no food, water, or communication.

Vote: Sorette Pakuri Janai Desu ka?

Fujisaki Aki is a good-natured and positive 24 year-old employee who works at Tsukiyono Drink, a beverage manufacturing company. She is transferred to work for the Intellectual Property Department which handles patents and trademark rights for the company. An incident occurs where an important patent related to a beverage under development was stolen by a rival company and to make matters worse, Aki is suspected of leaking information. While she doesn’t know much related to intellectual property rights, she comes to learn more when she investigates the case with Kitawaki Masami, an intellectual property professional who came from the parent company in order to investigate.

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