[Announcement] Nagatan to Aoto: Ichika no Ryourijou

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Set in post-war Kyoto around the 1950s, “Nagatan to Aoto” depicts the life of Kuwanoki Ichika (Kadowakii Mugi), the daughter of a long-established ryōtei restaurant, who was left with only a kitchen knife as a keepsake after her husband did not return from war.

Wanting to be independent, she decides to work in the kitchen of a hotel that focused on Western cuisine. Now at 34 years old, Ichika remarries a young man fifteen years younger than her and takes on the challenge to rebuild her family’s restaurant together with her new husband.

This is a gourmet love story that focuses on a couple with an age difference as they develop a bond while working towards saving the Kuwanoki family’s long-established ryōtei restaurant. 

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