Boyfriend Kourin! EP2 “Defenseless kiss?! Asahi’s love is suddenly accelerating!”

Kashiko Chatani and Wataru Sato realized that Asahi is Sumito Urushibara, a leading contemporary artist in Japan. However, Kashiko has decided to keep quiet to Asahi until the contest is over because the drawing Asahi made of Kashiko’s illustration was highly evaluated and passed the document screening in the contest that she entered with the company’s survival at stake. Meanwhile, Wataru is led to believe by Kashiko that they have the wrong person, but this sparks Wataru’s search for Asahi’s identity! Impatient, Kashiko pretends to help distribute flyers calling for information, collects a large number of flyers and secretly interferes. Wataru and Asahi start talking to people on the street as their next move. Then he runs into Emma Tsukui, who says she knows Asahi! But for some reason, Emma walked away angrily.

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