Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi EP08 “Orihime and Hikoboshi tonight! Mother’s unknown past”

After Ayaka hurts Togo by defending Kamiyama, Togo tells her to “get out” and pushes her away. Ayaka returns home to her parent’s house, depressed, with her dog, Negi. She contacted Kamiyama to ask him to tell the truth, but he never replied, and Ayaka was blocked in all directions. In addition, when she meets Togo at events and other work, he simply passes her off, and Ayaka is avoided at every turn by Togo. In the middle of all this, Togo is ordered by Tomohiro to change the president of La blanche. Togo was met by Arata Sakuraba, who was the manager of the La blanche Hakone branch. What in the world is Arata’s plan?!


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