Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi EP07 “King vs. First love! The promise of an overwrite kiss!!”

Ayaka, completely unaware of Togo’s concern about her relationship with Kamiyama, was talking with Kamiyama in the office in a friendly manner. Then, Ayaka’s father, Kintaro, suddenly visits Ayaka and Togo’s house. In Kintaro’s hand was the money that Shizuka had graciously loaned him when his family’s store was damaged by a prank… Then suddenly, Ayaka asks for a day off from the video shoot with Togo, which is scheduled for the following day. In addition, Ayaka notices an incoming call from Kamiyama and leaves with a slightly flustered look on her face. The next day, Ayaka meets Kamiyama at a place where many couples are on dates, and Togo, concerned about Ayaka’s suspicious behavior, decides to follow them. Also, Togo begins to tell Ayaka about his past…


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