Barakamon EP01 “A heartwarming comedy set in the Goto Islands!”

Born and raised in the city, Seishuu Handa, whose father is the renowned calligrapher, Seimei Handa, has been hailed as an up-and-coming calligrapher. However, at a celebration for winning an award, Seishuu was outraged when Ryunosuke Yagami, the director of the exhibition and a leading figure in the world of calligraphy, criticized his calligraphy, saying that it was “quite dull”. He grabbed the curator, overcoming the restraint of his manager, Takao Kawafuji. Seimei told Seishuu, “You lack the human aspect before being a calligrapher,” and ordered him to cool off by living on the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. Upon landing at Goto Fukue Airport, Seishu was stunned by the countryside with no buses or taxis. Still, after riding in a tractor driven by Kousaku Kotoishi, the first islander he met, he finally arrived at his destination, Nanatsudake Village. The village chief, Yujiro Kido, shows him around the old house, but even though no one is supposed to be living there, there are signs of people inside… There he met Naru Kotoishi, a neighborhood elementary school student. Naru had been using this house as a base with the misfits of the village. Although he thought he could spend some quiet time alone to practice his calligraphy, Seishuu is at the mercy of the free-spirited islanders who come into his house without his permission, including Naru, and the unfamiliarity of living alone in the countryside. However, Seishuu, though bewildered by his intolerable daily life, is helped and encouraged by the islanders, gradually growing emotionally and opening up a new frontier of calligraphy.


SYNC TO Hikari Raiders/DramaClub (FOD)

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