Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi EP10 END “The Happiest Answer From Two Lousy People!!”

Ten months had passed since Ayaka and Togo officially divorced. On the same day that Arata, who was worried about Ayaka’s overworked schedule, had her take a paid day off, a dress fitting by Togo’s new fiancée, Mirei Kuriyama, was taking place at La blanche. While her colleagues were frantically plotting to avoid a meeting between Ayaka and Togo, Ayaka met Togo and Shizuka and others who had come to discuss the wedding ceremony. Ayaka, who did not know that Togo was getting married, remained calm and uttered, “Congratulations.” Ayaka complains to Kamiyama about Togo’s marriage while trying to cover up her desire to cry. Then, Kamiyama tells her a surprising fact. Ayaka, who is told one fact after another that she did not know, asks Hachi for a favor…!


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