Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi EP01 “Wicked woman, sadistic king, 0-day marriage blitz!”

Ayaka Haneda is an undeniably beautiful woman. She attracts numerous men with her good looks, and at work, the men around her take the liberty of taking a liking to her and even start fights over her… Because of this, she spent her time moving from one job to another in less than three months. However, as the eldest of five siblings, Ayaka must immediately look for a new job to help her family, struggling financially due to her large family. Then Ayaka is interviewed for a wedding planner position at a company called “La blanche”. Ayaka’s outspoken personality led her to make a series of remarks that could be taken as rude at the interview, but for some reason, she was hired. One day, Ayaka is summoned by the president of the company, Togo Nitta. When she thought she was about to be fired, Togo told her, “Let’s get married.”


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