Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi EP02 “Newlyweds face divorce crisis, wife vs. mother-in-law!”

Ayaka and Togo, now a married couple, have played the role of a loving couple beautifully by shooting a video describing their newlywed life and appearing at events. Despite their public image, once the cameras stop rolling, the two become tense and hostile. Furthermore, Ayaka, who has continued to live at home after the marriage, has continued to deceive the public by going home through the back door so that it would not be discovered. However, just as Ayaka returns to her parents’ house, Togo calls… Hearing that Togo’s mother, Shizuka, is coming over suddenly, Ayaka hurriedly rides her bicycle. There, Ayaka is asked by Shizuka to “join me in my hobby.” Ayaka, who is dragged around by Shizuka and is also busy with work, is in a state of exhaustion… Then, while filming their usual lovey-dovey video, Ayaka and Togo accidentally get into a big fight. Ayaka, angered by Togo’s words, slaps him! Furthermore, the word “divorce” comes out of Ayaka’s mouth…!


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