Barakamon EP03 “A best friend and a rival come to the island!”

Takao Kawafuji, the manager, comes to the Goto Islands, where Seishuu Handa lives. Kawafuji was with Kosuke Kanzaki, a calligrapher who was only 18 years old and who had won the first prize at a calligraphy exhibition, beating out Seishuu. At the same time, Seishuu went to the Arai Store to buy ink. Naru Kotoishi, who was standing in front of the store, tells him to ask Tamako Arai, who is in the back room if he wants to buy something because the manager is out. Seishuu picks up the ink and calls for Tamako, but there is no answer. Scared, Seishuu goes to the back of the store and opens Tamako’s room. At that moment, Tamako was drawing manga with an unusually high level of concentration. When Seishuu sees the crazy manga that Tamako has drawn, he tells her that it is cool because it has its own unique worldview. Tamako is moved by Seishuu’s words and asks him to read the manga she drew next time… After Seishuu leaves, Kawafuji and Kosuke arrive at the Arai Store to inquire about the location of Seishuu’s house. Kawafuji and his friends ask Naru, who was selling shells in front of her store, about Seishuu. Then Hiroshi Kido and Miwa Yamamura pass by. Miwa, who hears about the situation, thinks that Kosuke came all the way to Seishuu to see his frustration, and secretly tells Naru not to let them meet with Seishuu. Meanwhile, rumors about Kawafuji and Kosuke spread among the adults in the village. The village chief, Yujiro Kido, and his team, together with the villagers, start searching for the suspicious persons…

SYNC TO Hikari Raiders/DramaClub (FOD)

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