Barakamon EP05 “Returning to Tokyo and in a slump!”

Seishuu Handa has suddenly disappeared from the island. Kotoishi Naru is shocked by this news and is unable to move as she lies on the side of the road. Hina Kubota and Kenta force Naru to get up and meet with Hiroshi Kido, Miwa Yamamura, and Tamako Arai to discuss the next steps. Around the same time, Seishuu returns to Tokyo and meets with Takao Kawafuji at the “Kawafuji Art House”, which manages Seishuu. Seishuu was to meet with Ryunosuke Yagami, the director of the art museum, whom he had grabbed in a fit of anger after a scathing criticism of his calligraphy. He was supposed to apologize properly to Yagami and have him look at the calligraphy he had written on the island. But as the appointed time approaches, “What if he harshly criticizes it?” Seishuu becomes less and less confident. Soon Yagami arrives. Yagami, who walks slowly with a cane because of his bad back, reminds Seishuu of Granny Yasu on the island, and Seishuu reaches out to him without a second thought. Yagami accepts Seishuu’s apology and immediately looks at his new calligraphy, “Star”… Meanwhile, Hiroshi, Miwa, and the others become increasingly lonely as they reminisce about Seishuu. When Naru says: “I didn’t even thank him for playing with me so much”, Miwa suggests that they all go to Tokyo together…

SYNC TO Hikari Raiders/DramaClub (FOD)

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