Barakamon EP07 “Father and Mother in Goto! Unexpected father-son showdown?!”

Seishuu Handa passes by the shrine and meets Naru Kotoishi and Hina Kubota. When Seishuu reminds Naru about not doing her homework, she says, “When I grow up, I will be a yakuso (medicinal herb) researcher,” and starts stuffing wild grass into the hole in the stone steps and crushing it. The hole had been there since Granny Yasu’s childhood and had been used to play house. Seishuu is deeply moved by the fact that it has been passed down from generation to generation. At the same time, at the Handa family in Tokyo, Seimei Handa asked Takao Kawafuji for a vacation. However, Kawafuji, who had been commissioned by a first-class hotel to have Seimei write pieces to be displayed in the hotel, refused, saying that he had no time to rest. Seimei replied that he could not write half-assed works and that he should consider it a preparation period for such works. In fact, Seimei is going on vacation to the Goto Islands, where Seishuu lives. His wife, Emi, arrives there and says she is going with him and tries to talk Seishuu into a marriage meeting. When Seishuu learns that his parents are coming to the island, he orders Naru, Miwa Yamamura, and the others to stay away from the house. However, Seishuu soon realizes that this is impossible, and he tells them one thing in advance: “My mother is a pain in the neck,” he warned them.

SYNC TO Hikari Raiders/MagicStar/DramaClub (FOD)

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