Barakamon EP08 “The mystery man is Naru’s father?! A stalker appears on her birthday!”

Seishuu Handa, invited by Miwa Yamamura and Tamako Arai, plans a surprise birthday party for Naru Kotoishi. However, Seishuu is asked to prepare a present and is at a loss as to what to give her. While Seishuu is consulting with Kenta about what he wants, he overhears Hina asking Naru what she wants, but when he hears her answer, “I want an airplane,” he becomes more and more confused about what she wants. At that time, Hiroshi Kido, who was wondering what to do after high school, asked Seishuu for advice. Hiroshi has decided to become a chef, but is unable to take the first step due to the opposition of those around him. When asked why he became a calligrapher, Seishuu confides that he once wanted to be a cake baker. Miwa and Tamako, who happened to be passing by and overheard the conversation between the two, suggest to Seishuu that they make a birthday cake togetherโ€ฆ On Naru’s birthday, Seishuu finds a strange man following her.


SYNC TO Hikari Raiders/MagicStar/DramaClub (FOD)

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