Barakamon EP10 “Off to a new journey! What is everyone’s future?”

Seishuu Handa announced that he was quitting calligraphy and decided to return to the Goto Islands with Naru Kotoishi. On the day of his departure, his manager, Takao Kawafuji, angrily asked Seishuu, “What do you mean, you’re cutting off your contract with us?” Seishuu opened a calligraphy school in the village and expressed his desire to give back to the village by becoming a sensei for the children. However, Kawafuji is not convinced and leaves, saying that hanging around someone unprofitable is a waste of time, and Naru is depressed, wondering if Seishuu’s relationship with Kawafuji will end. Upon their return to Goto, Seishuu and Naru are greeted by Kosuke Kanzaki, who has fled his job to stay at Seishuu’s house. Kosuke tells Seishuu that he is quitting as a calligrapher, but Seishuu says, “I’m quitting too!” Meanwhile, Miwa confides that her family’s liquor store is having financial difficulties and that Iwao is about to close it. Seishuu also hears from the Village Chief that Hiroshi has failed the employment exam for a restaurant in Nagasaki.

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