Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara EP04 “The Scent of Blue Spring”

February 2016. Ame Aihara, who is about to graduate, goes shopping with Taiyo Asano at a shopping center with a Ferris wheel to prepare for her new life alone in Tokyo. When Taiyo learns that Ame will be leaving for Tokyo the day after the graduation ceremony, he asks her, “Is there anything you want as a graduation present?” I asked. Ame is disappointed that Taiyo missed out on getting the second button for her uniform when she graduated, so she buys him a small bouquet of marguerite flowers that smell good instead. Taiyo asks Ame if they could make the scent of this flower the”scent of their memory”โ€ฆ

January 2024. Taiyo confesses his feelings to Ame but is rejected, saying he has someone else he loves, and returns home soaking wet. His sister Haruhi, Tatsuo Yanagida, and the other pyrotechnicians, who had assumed that his confession was successful, were surprised.

Ame confides in Tsukasa Mochida, a city official, that the “miracle” is a rare disease that causes her to lose all five senses, and that she already has no sense of taste. Tsukasa asked, “Have you told Taiyo about it?” Ame replies that she has no intention of telling him because she loves Taiyo.

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