Kimi ga Kokoro wo Kureta kara EP05 “Blame Everything on Magic”

“Forget about me already…”

Ame Aihara said this to Taiyo Asano before leaving. Ame, who has lost her sense of taste as well as her sense of smell, decides to follow the advice of her “guide”, Kusaka, and confide in her grandmother, Yukino, that she will lose her five senses, and talk about what will happen next. However, when Ame returned home, she found Yukino lying on the floor groaning, holding her waist.

After being taken to the hospital, Yukino confesses to Ame that she has cancer. Yukino, who has refused to undergo chemotherapy because she does not want to be in pain, is told that she has only two months to live, or a few weeks at the earliest. Ame is in a state of shock. Yukino hugs Ame and tells her that she wants Ame to smile a lot while she is still alive.

Taiyo’s father, Yohei, tries to cheer him up after being rejected by Ame. Yohei tells him about the time when he met his late wife, Asuka, and advises him that there are only three things a rejected man can do.

Ame asks Chiaki, the other “guide,” to save Yukino with a miracle, just as they save Taiyo. But Chiaki replies that miracles do not happen to anyone and that they do not have the authority to grant them. Then Kusaka appears and tells them that it is midnight. The “hand” symbol appears on Ame’s wristwatch. The next one that Ame loses is her sense of touch.

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