Blue Moment EP01 “Decode the Sky, Save Lives!”

Version 1.0.0

Kankuro Haruhara, also known as “Harukan,” is a researcher at the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Meteorological Research Institute who appears in the weather section of news programs. Aya Kumota came to his laboratory as a temporary worker. In the middle of it all, an announcement is made to the media about the establishment of SDM, a task force of experts of all ranks and ages, assembled based on their abilities, to protect lives from weather-related disasters. Kumota learns that Haruhara is the head of the Meteorology Unit and that she was hired by Kasumi Ueno, Haruhara’s supervisor, as his assistant. The next day, due to sudden bad weather in the northern part of Fukushima Prefecture, reports come in that 10 people were caught in an avalanche. Without hesitation, Haruhara decided to mobilize SDM and rushed to the scene with Kumota.

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